Our Story

"Beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy."

- Benjamin Franklin -

"And Bacteria is proof that God has a sense of humor. " 

- Duane Lujan -

Born out of our love of brewing, Rocky Mountain Brewery has established itself as a World Class Brewer with best in class winners that never fail to please. After traveling the world and sampling different beers, fruit beers, and Cyders flavored beers, we returned home to Colorado and brought our love for brewing to Colorado Springs. Now, the world comes to us. 


Our continued excellence begins with finding the right, high-quality ingredients to create our amazing line of Brewed Wonders. We are dedicated to offering only the finest and proudly supply many local restaurants, Gastropubs and fine dining establishments. There is truly no other Brewery like Rocky Mountain Brewery. 

 Come and taste the

Mountain Range of Flavors 

we proudly brew.

Rocky Mountain Brewery