Below are listed a handful of the 100+ beers we've brewed since our grand opening on June 8, 2008.

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We always have fruit cyder or fruit beer on tap along with our favorites.

Blonde Lager 
We brew this beer in the tradition of all our favorite blondes, smooth and easy going. This delicious lager is crisp and refreshing with a herbal, earthy hop character and malty finish. Kick the training wheels off and try this instead of your usual “mega-brew” lager. 

Spirit Hill Amber
This is the Redhead’s little sister, Amber. She’s light and refreshing, with a great malty-grain and hop flavor balance. With a crisp and refreshing citrus note in the middle, you’ll be making excuses to spend some more time with this attractive lady.

She has a caramel-sweet disposition, with a nutty personality. Our nut brown ale wins over light and dark beer drinkers alike. A smooth chocolate and hint of hazelnut flavor melds lusciously into a slight coffee and caramel finish. Light bodied, balanced and easy drinking while still having enough flavor for the black beer lovers.

Watch out for our Redhead. This tempestuous lady has a sassy attitude with up-front bitterness and a delicious citrus and herbal hop flavor. With a smooth malty finish and a hint of spice, she will leave you begging for more. Mountain IPA Hops, hops and more hops! This lady has a BIG up-front bitterness, lots of citrusy grapefruit flavors, and a complex citrus and spicy aroma. Hopped with Challenger, flavored with Columbus and Simcoe, then finished with Columbus, Simcoe, Willamette and Crystal. At 7.25%abv, this sassy lady brings lots of  flavor and lots of attitude.

Da' Yoopers
If you love cherry pie, you are in for a life changing experience. We brew this award winner with 100% Montmorency Cherries from the UP of Michigan. The cherries are carefully blended into a malty golden ale with Mexican cinnamon and a whole lotta love. It really tastes like liquid cherry pie. Try this one hot, a’la mode, or topped with whipped cream. Life’s too short to eat desert, so drink it!

Eat a Peach Another award winning fruit beer, the flavor of this one is best described as liquid peach cobbler. Seriously. Like her sister Da’ Yoopers, Eat a Peach can be enjoyed warm, a’la mode, or with whipped cream on top. You’ll be dreaming of this beautiful little peach long after the glass is empty.

Shoup Stout
Our chocolate stout is a stout drinker’s stout, coming in at 7.25% abv. The aromas of dark chocolate, roasted malts, and espresso will greet you as you lift the glass. The mouthfeel is thick and rich and the flavors meld together perfectly as it finishes smooth with a hint of sweetness. Full bodied, full of flavor, and full of seduction.

Smoked Hefe
For the BBQ’er on the go. This is a German hefeweizen with a distinct but not overpowering smokey flavor. Slight banana and clove notes accompany a delicious alderwood smoke flavor. This one pairs very well with any food, and is amazing with BBQ. Just imagine a pulled pork sandwich or a sizzling grill and you’ll be wishing for a Smoked Hefe before you know it.

Arithmatic Double IPA
This one is made with a different mindset than some other breweries have. We go with an intense balance of hops rather than a facefull of just one variety. It’s very hoppy, but with a perfect maltiness to take the edge off the sharp bitter. Big flavors of citrus, pine and tropical fruits are again balanced, and we finish it by aging on a blend of woods. It has won over many non-IPA drinkers, so don’t be afraid to try it even if you have never liked an IPA in the past.

Grandpa Clank's Red Chili Cyclone
We start with dried Chimayo red chilis and expertly blend them with a malty amber ale. Along with a beautiful red chili flavor and aroma, this one has a sneaky red chili heat that builds as you drink it but never overpowers. Smooth and malty with a little peppery zing in the back of the throat, this 6.2% abv ale is sure to please.

Green Chili Breeze
We use fresh roasted green chilis from Hatch New Mexico in this crisp and refreshing ale. These chilis are the perfect blend of flavor and heat. She has a great roasted chili aroma and flavor without the burn of other chili beers.

American Porter
This one is for the dark beer lovers and the hopheads. Lusciously smooth chocolate and roast flavors collide with a distinct hoppiness. This beer is full bodied and aggressive and not at all lacking in flavor. Not for the timid, yet people who dislike hoppy beers go crazy for this one… go figure.

Chai Porter
Just like your uncle from Qandahar used to make. This one is thick, rich, sweet and loaded with delicious chai spices and black tea. This is one beauty of a dessert beer. Now you don’t need another deployment to get that authentic chai flavor. 7% ABV

Albino Porter
Your eyes and mouth will be at odds when you drink it. It smells of rich, roasted coffee and dark malts. It has a complex chocolatey coffee flavor with no bitterness, and a smooth malty finish. Drinks like a porter but it is crystal clear amber in color, hence the Albino designation. Brewed with Indian Malabar coffee, fresh roasted by R&R Coffee in Black Forest.

Killer Sqwerl Double Nut Brown
This fluffy soft monstrosity is a 10% abv double nut brown. Brewed with 40% malted rye, EKG hops and Nottingham yeast, he’s a malty beast that will have you running for cover from just half a pint.

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