July 14, 2018 - Knife & Tomahawk Throwing Training & Competition

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3 different things to sign up for, it all depends on;

How dedicated you are. 

How much you want to learn.

How much you want to brag.

Or if you think you need to show US how it is done!!

Rocky Mountain Brewery & Ironside Medieval Combat 

We are Partnering up again for a day of fun in the sun at the

Rocky Mountain Brewery Event Center

Choose from 2 Comprehensive Weapons Throwing Classes & 3 Levels of Competition

1. Knife Throwing - You get to keep your knife that you train with and learn to throw.

2. Tomahawk Throwing - Train to throw a Tomahawk/Small Battle Ax and hit your target. 


1. Beginners Knife Throwing Competition

2. Intermediate Knife Throwing Competition

3. Advanced Knife Throwing Competition

1. Beginners Tomahawk/Small Battle Ax Throwing Competition

2. Intermediate Tomahawk/Small Battle Ax Throwing Competition

3. Advanced Tomahawk/Small Battle Ax Throwing Competition

Prizes for All 6 Competition Levels

Package Deals for Classes & Competitions

**Must Attend One Training Class in Order to Enter Competition**

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Rocky Mountain Brewery fun!! 

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